In-House No Glare

Perception VS Fact:

In a recent study on anti-reflective coatings ECPs believe that their customers do not buy A/R because of price (43%) and performance (40%). When the patients were polled their answers were: Lack of awareness of what the product does (94%) and price (6%). 72% of people who wear eyeglasses in the United States do not have anti-reflective coating on their lenses. This makes no-glare lenses an excellent way to improve your patient's overall vision while also growing your sales.

Sunstar premium no-glare products will help your patients see and look their best. With 4 different no-glare coating levels to choose from, we have the ability to exceed your customers' expectations with quality, appearance, and quick turn time, no matter the budget. You can have absolute confidence to offer it to every patient and Sunstar's replacement warranty on no-glare coatings will give your customers extra peace of mind on their purchase.

Our no-glare house brands include:

Retinal Bliss DES: Retinal Bliss DES is the only no-glare coating that addresses both sides of the lens by blocking 20% of blue light on the front of the lens, alleviating eye strain from LED screens and handheld devices, while annoying glare, HEV and 100% UV light are blocked on the back of the lens. Glare reduction, 100% UV/HEV protection, 20% blue light blocker, super hydro-phobic, anti-static, scratch resistant layers

Sentinel Plus UV: Glare reduction, 100% UV protection, super-hydrophobic, anti-static, scratch resistant layers

Sentinel UV: Glare reduction, 100% UV protection, hydrophobic and scratch resistant layers

Guardian UV: Glare reduction, 100 UV protection, scratch resistant layers.