In-House Digital Lenses

Digital lens surfacing provides your patients with unmatched precision for greater satisfaction, improved vision and, with progressive designs, faster adaptability. New "As Worn Technology" incorporates measurements for Vertex Distance, Pantoscopic Tilt, and Panoramic Angle (frame wrap) for an individualized lens that is truly state-of-the-art.

With digital lens processing, the computer controlled generator is able to produce even complex prescriptions with fewer surface imperfections. As a matter-of-fact, digital lens generation is so precise that the digital lens polishing process takes a fraction of the time than that used on traditionally generated lenses.

Since most digitally produced lenses are back-side designs a no-glare treatment is strongly recommended. Sunstar offers unique Digistar bundle packages in 3 tiers that include anti-reflective coating in the price. On VSP orders, please contact customer service for specifics on how to order "un-bundled."

Our In-House Private Label Digital Bundle Packages include:

Digistar Camber: VSP Category "O".Sophisticated PAL design with variable front base curve technology, giving your customer the highest possible visual acuity in all zones. With the variable front surface technology, these finished lenses will give your wearers an outstanding visual experience, with spacious reading zones, improved peripheral vision, and thinner lenses in many prescriptions. Our Retinal Bliss A/R is included in this bundle.

Digistar Ultimate Blue: Position of Wear parameters and frame measurements are taken into account to generate a personalized surface for your patient. Fully personalized with a balance between the distance and near vision. Our Retinal Bliss A/R is included in this bundle.

Digistar Advanced: Semi-personalized design calculated with Digital Ray Path Technology®, giving your wearer much higher visual definition and comfort compared to traditional lens designs. Our Sentinel Plus UV A/R is included in this bundle.

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