New Products

  • Digistar Reaction 


    Sunstar's NEW Digistar REACTION!!! A revolutionary photochromatic lens for every patient!!! 3 minute change back to clear indoors!!! Check out the unbelievable low price for SV or Ultimate PAL packages!!!

  • Digistar Sun Packages 


    Check out Sunstars new Digistar Sun Packages!!! Digital poly polarized lenses with backside anti-reflective coating and a mirror or flash. Call the lab for pricing (702)739-8880

  • Sunstar Camber VSP 'O' APPROVED 


    Sunstar Camber is now available on VSP as a category O progressive!

    Sunstar Camber Web.pdf
  • FT28 Poly Transition 


    FT28 Polycarbonate Transition

    TransSig Poly FT28 Ad.pdf
  • Xtra Active Brown 


    Xtra Active Brown Transitions

    XTRActive Brown Flyer.pdf
  • Trivex Drivewear 


    Trilogy Drivewear

    Drivewear Trilogy Ad-draft1.pdf
  • Transition 1.74 


    1.74 available in Transition

    Hi-Index 174 Transitions - Personalized ECP Flyer.pdf
  • NuPolar 1.67 


    1.67 NuPolar in Gray, Green & Brown

    NuPolar 167 Flyer 2013-draft8.pdf
  • Sunstar Digital Flat-Top 28 


    A flat top bifocal lens digitally produced and fully compensated! Digital FT-28 takes into account all individualization parameters to minimize the oblique aberration and correct it point by point. As a result, Digital FT-28 offers high definition for reading in the entire segment. In the distance area, oblique aberration is compensated for all possible viewing angles to achieve an expanded distance vision field. Available in all materials except 1.60 and 1.74.

    Flat Top28_FV.pdf