Eye Care Professionals

As a vision care professional, you can make a profound difference in the quality of your patients’ lives. When you improve their vision, you give your patients the ability and freedom to live their lives more fully and more enjoyable. You make the difference in their ability to work, or to pursue their favorite interests.

All of us at Sunstar Optical are dedicated to building a solid partnership with the independent Eye Care Professional, with the goal of mutual growth. We strive to provide the best eyewear solutions, so that every patient leaving your practice is a satisfied and happy patient.

There are many variables to achieve success for an independent Eye Care Professional in today’s marketplace. We offer growth practice programs, ongoing promotions, and rewards programs to help stimulate your patient base and employees. We will keep you informed of your sales of certain products, watch your margins and provide industry benchmarks.

Top Ten Reasons to use Sunstar Optical
  1. Quality: We have ABO certified opticians inspecting the eyewear sent to your office to meet the highest standards in the optical industry.
  2. Customer Service: We can answer your lens questions, provide assistance in lens choice, give expected arrival times on all jobs in production.
  3. Reasonable pricing: All of our lenses are priced within market standards and we offer an aggressive discount program.
  4. Training: Not only will we assist your staff to be the ultimate professional optician, we also offer classes at the lab, lab tours, continuing education for ABO Certified Opticians, ABO prep classes, and training that will help you as the Eye Care Professional to increase your business.
  5. Dr. Redo Policy: All first time Doctor redoes within 90 days will be processed at no charge.
  6. We are an Essilor partner lab, providing you with all Varilux and Crizal products, and a distributor of all other major brands. All three labs are also authorized VSP, Vision Source, and Vision Benefits of America laboratories.
  7. Product Updates: We continue to be on the cutting edge of all of the new products in the industry that will give your patients the best possible solution. We will share this information as soon as it is available.
  8. Timely Turn Around Time: The average turn around time for most jobs is about 3 working days, with custom orders and Anti-glare lenses in about 5 to 7 working days.
  9. Ordering: We receive orders through VisionWeb and Eyefinity as well as by fax, phone, or through shipping.
  10. Partnership: We are your “partner for growth” and will do whatever we can to help you and your practice succeed.